DecKing over 3 substrates

A Deck re-roof, with 3 different substrates; cement sheet/plywood/chipboard.
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the rear of the house, deck to be re roofedpulling up the fully adhered rubber membrane, in pieceshalf way there with tearing up

applying the latex cement levelling compound to the cement sheet joints
joint filler compound applied
PVC membrane being glued down
first section field area completed
next section plywood and chipboard substrates
plywood on the left chipboard on the right

the joints have been filled level and the deck being sanded smooth
a second application of latex cement levelling compound is sometimes required
access to the outside edge of the deck is a bit awkward, we built a platform over the glass roof to work off

the main deck area is laid
the edge is turned down over a metal drip edge into the PVC guttering
making a post boot, first a small wedge is welded to the feild sheet corner cuts

a piece of membrane is glued to the post
the bottom of the piece is welded to the field sheet
another side is welded onto the field sheet

the corners are welded together
a completed boot
the south end of the deck, showing the turndown drip and the post boots

the south end of the deck from the inside
deck is completed looking north
deck is completed looking south