DecKing PVC membrane to re sloped deck

Two existing decks covered with Nuralite bitumen sheet membrane were leaking and ponding water to the inside.
We repacked the Nuralite surface level, then fixed new timber battens with increasing thickness in towards the walls.
New plywood screwed through to the original substrate, then install Dec-K-ing PVC membrane and PVC coated metal drip edge.
The finish at the walls was colour coated aluminium termination bars, bedded in 15 year clear polymer sealant. This is acceptable as the levels below are not considered “habitable areas” and are open to the elements anyway.
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 2 decks 2 levels  lower deck existing bitumen membrane  strips of torchdown are welded on to level out the deck  timber battens increasing in size to create new slope are fitted  15mm plywood is fitted over battens  vinyl coated drip edge is fitted  PVC membrane is fitted to new plywood substrate  membrane is sealed to wall with termination bar bedded in sealant  lower deck completed  looking down on part of lower deck  upper level deck battened out  around corner from previous photo  looking back from previous photo  pvc membrane laid to upper level deck  around the corner from previous photo pvc membrane laid  reverse view from previous photo  and back around the corner  membrane is fixed to cladding with termination bar bedded in sealant