Deck Extension

Part of the rebuild of this home in Raumati Beach was the extension of the beach facing deck. The original deck was cement sheet with sealant between the sheets. The sealant was removed and all joints filled with Dec-K-ing Patch compound and then was sanded off. The deck was extended, with a plywood substrate.
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sealant cut out from sheet joints and coating sanded offdeck extended and joints filled with levelling compounddeck coated with adhesive to keep substrate dry from rainfinal skim of levelling compoundfinal skim of levelling componddoors removed and deck final sand at jointspvc membrane being laid in adhesiveapplying adhesivelong length of membrane folded ready for adhesivemembrane laid, laps to weld, house temprarily closed in for weekendhot air welding the lapsmembrane work completedmembrane work completedmembrane work completedmembrane work completed with parapet fence installedwork completed with fence on, looking eastmembrane work completed, new doors and with parapet and glass fence installeddeck completed, looking northoutside of parapet fence on the street sideview of the deck from the beach sidethe fence posts are spaced away from the deck membraneview from underneath the street side parapet showing spacing away from the deckfinal view, compare with first picture