Acrylic/Fibreglass Deck Re-Lamination

All roof and deck membranes have a propensity to show movement on plywood substrates. This is exhibited as “tenting” or “ridging”, a peak in the membrane above the plywood joints.
Acrylic based Coatings reinforced with Fibreglass, such as Traffigard, Dexx and Nuradeck brands all show these ridges over time, due to expansion and contraction of the plywood and can often split open, allowing water to enter through to the substrate and the rooms below.
It is part of the manufacturers specification that regular inspections are made and any untoward excessive movement in the substrate which causes ridging or wrinkling of the coating is attended to. It is recommended that a re-coat is done every 5-7 years, especially if heavily trafficked, and at the same time to attend to any tenting, ridging or wrinkling of the fibreglass reinforcement.
We refer to this as a “tune-up”
Where the movement has been more severe a simple recoating is not sufficient and “re-lamination” is required.
An example of a typical deck re-lamination is shown below, where the deck had already leaked due to split ridging. In this case the joints were repaired with epoxy filler, a reinforcing strip of fibreglass and trafficgard compound applied over the filled joints and then a complete relamination of the whole deck surface.
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Brooklyn residence, deck marked with fingerthe deck has been leaking, homeowner put some plastic overprobably didn't stop much water getting inthe cause of the leaks, splitting of tenting at plywood sheet jointscloser view of splitting, fibreglass exposedanother split at another plywood sheet jointsanding the surface and removing the fibreglass/acrylic coating at the plywood sheet jointsdust from the sandinga typical plywood sheet joint after grinding downtwo joints prepped, several more partially ground outthe prepped joints are filled with Epar 2 part expoxy fillerother joints are filled with epoxy fillerreverse view of previous image, filler in jointsall joints have the filler sanded flush with the rest of the deck surfacea strip of 200gram/m2 chopped fibreglass mat and traffigard is applied to reinforce the joint areacloser view of fibreglass reinforcing strip over jointssame is applied to all plywood sheet jointssame is applied to all plywood sheet jointssame is applied to all plywood sheet jointsthe entire deck surface is sanded againready to apply lamination to entire deckapplying the traffigard system with 300gram/m2 chopped fibregalss mat reinforcementone section laminated whole deck laminated, slight change of colour mix on second partsecond part of deck is fully laminateda filler bodycoat is applied a few days latera filler bodycoat is applied a few days laterapplying final coatfinal coat completedabout to apply final coatcoating completed