Plimmerton Dec-K-ing

Dec-K-ing PVC membrane to plywood substrate on new Townhouse in the Cluney Rd valley Plimmerton.
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the Townhouse, 3 levels, waterproof decks on 2 levels fixing on the vinyl coated drip edge sanding the plywood substrate
heavy shower of rain 20 minutes after finished sanding deck looking down on the top level deck, after the rain shower 8 hours later starting laying the PVC membrane in the dry corner
6pm, sheets laid, laps yet to be welded hot air welding the laps top deck membrane completed
closer view of top deck, perimeter edge yet to be welded to vinyl coated drip edge, rained off applying the adhesive, lower deck view of the vinyl coated drip edge detail, upper deck
installing the post plates post plates with pvc membrane boots on ready for balustrade balustrade installed on pvc covered plates
view outside the fence lower deck left view lower deck right view
lower deck left view south lower view right south looking out the lounge on completion