Metal off, Membrane on

St. Pats School, 2009
Index Surebase underlay and Nova White Mineral Cap sheet
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Leaking Metal Roof

metal roof of Hall view of south end, Hall typical rusting pyramid skylight closer view of pyramid skylight long wide section, west side view west to east, south end western hallway, looking east view of Hall from another roof some repairs have been attempted Hall, different angle western hallway, looking west another section, south end  roof towindows east side eastern hallway and arond the corner horrendous amount of paperwork for Building Consent


metal stripped and ready to lay new plywood first sheet goes down fixing drip edge to plywood eastern hallway, bitumen primer torching the 2mm basesheet basesheet around the bend most of that section closed in gravel roof under the metal on toilet block cleaned up, new slope build required tarping up for the night over toilet block end of eastern hallway, blocking and strips for upstands starting on the white mineral cap sheet level change on Hall torch and hook toilet block with new framing many pieces for the basesheet upstands first section covered with white mineral basesheet complete second section white mineral to second section torching the upstand pieces upstands done and old flashing screwed back plywood on toilet block toilet block primed basesheet to toilet block  view back to western hallway kapiti island on the horizon downpipes refitted working on the upstands, toilet block upsatnds and wall flashing, toilet block toilet block completed new blue flashing on end of toilet block metal off eastern hallway bare boards plywood on, primed and torching basesheet white mineral on eastern hallway almost done downpipes back on corner end completed upstands and wall flashingeastern end edge turndown into gutter

Main Hall

Part of Hall stripped of metal covered over for the night plywood being fixed to west section metal off south west end framing laid out for reslope new framing and plywood, SW end of Hall west side underlay on and SW plywood 6 burner dragon wagon laying nearing level change reverse laying last sheet, to reduce fire risk roof to windows, Hall SW section ready to prime fillet and upstand SW section priming SW section fitting drip edge, south end SW section ready to lay level transition, loose flap torching last sheet of underlay underlay completed to SW section level transition flap sealed down SE section big wind gust other side tarps askew after big wind gust south east corner reframed and plywood rained off SE section underlay in progress another view of SE section in underlay metal off north west corner resloped, plywood primed and ready to lay underlay on NW section rained off again typical turndown into gutter marlene training new helper, setting out rolls  torching white mineral NW section helper shifting rolls helper laying out rolls west and northwest sections completed in white mineral rained off again installing metal flashing to upstand SE section completed flashing turndowns and upstands to do SE section south east corner completed  typical upstand under windows upstand pieces on metal flashing on level change scorch marks will fade away  rained off again trying to lay upstands in the rain, hopeless


typical skylight, sheets to protect finished flat work mineral heated and scraped off around skylight upstand pieces installed another skylight completed and another marked out ready for tapered top end prep a completed skylight kerb, NW corner closer view a completed skylight kerb, NE corner completed skylight glazed, SE corner 2 glazed skylights, SW end glazed skylight, NW corner Hall completed another angle

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