Steps and Landings

We don’t do much British Standard Mastic Asphalt these days, mostly its repairs to older roofs from time to time.
This one was too far gone to repair, so we removed the old asphalt and applied new BSS6925 roofing grade asphalt. The new asphalt is polymer modified, imported from England.
Here are some photos of the work.
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steps and two landings, over a room below outer edge of the lower landing view of the steps between the two landings the top landing is also a fire escape from the main building angled view of the upper landing the view looking back down to the ground view down showing side curb similar on the other side due to moisture entry on the landing level the risers of the steps have blown off virtually every step riser is blown or is broken the asphalt fillet has pulled away from the curb a jackhammer job small job, detail work, small asphalt pot is all that is required this is the casing for the pot slot at the bottom is where the LPG burner sits loaded with asphalt blocks some idle time waiting for the asphalt to melt a full pot is ready to use risers primed with a ruberised bonding agent ladling a bucket of asphalt out of the pot applying the asphalt first coat to the risers sheathing felt is laid out on the treads spreading the first coat of asphalt to the step treads the first coat to the steps is nearly done second coat applied to risers ready for second coat on the treads the top landing asphalt is busted off and removed sheathing felt underlay is laid out top landing two coats and rubbed with sharp sand for traction lower landing stripped back and sheathing felt laid asphalt fillet is applied to the door frame the vertical has been sand rubbed and the edges rounded curb end is finished off with fillets sand rubbed steps and fillets throughout face on view of the finished steps looking down the finished steps

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