Warm weather re-roof with Ardex Duo

This job is a small flat roof in Waikanae that I did in 6 hours. The temperature on the day was 25C and at least 35C on the roof in the open sun, with no wind.
Here we are using Ardex Shelterbit torchon membrane, and due to the warm conditions a self adhesive base layer works well. The 2nd layer, or Capsheet, is Shelterbit Duo, an SBS sheet with Grey Mineral Chip finish.

patch in rubber roof membrane

the reason for the re-roof. A small cut in the roof has been patched over but has delaminated at the edges.

rubber pulled away from the substrate

the epdm rubber is 20 years old and has shrunk and pulled out away from the transition to the sloped roof

rotted plywood under the patch

once the rubber is pulled back, the damage is evident

closer view of the damage

the plywood is an overlay on battens over the original 6×1″ sarking with building paper between. the paper seems to have limited the extent of rot just to the plywood (untreated)

view of the roof area

overview of the flat roof area, the lowest tier of tiles are partly removed

the plywood is repaired

the plywood is repaired and the substrate being primed with bitumen primer

self adhesive basesheet

an hour later, after the solvent primer has dried, the self adhesive basesheet can go on. no flame is required and being warm the sheet sticks easily to the substrate.

back of the roof covered with the ardex shelterstick basesheet

shelterstick basesheet is easier to install in whole pieces when laying in at changing angles at transitions

looking down the roof slope, shelterstick base sheet

the roof is ready for the mineral chip capsheet (2nd layer)

mineral cap sheet partly torched down

the mineral cap sheet is torched to the shelterstick SA base sheet, further increasing the bond to the substrate.

torching the ends of the cap sheet

the trickiest part of the job, torching the ends close to the line of tiles on the transition angle without scorching the main sheet or setting fire to the lichen on the tiles. at this stage the main sheet is still warm from the torching down, so pieces of the old rubber folded 4 times makes a good protection cover to kneel on.

torching done

the torching is done, just the tiles to go back on.

completed flat roof looking up the slope

the tiles back in, roof is complete

new flat roof

overview of the finished roof
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