Residential Addition, Flat Rubber Roofs

This is a new addition to an old house in Oriental Bay, done throughout the Winter of 2011 in stages. Three levels of flat roofs and 3 dormer roofs clad in 1.5 mm Ardex Butynol Rubber membrane and 3 small flat roofs on concrete in Index Nova Mineral torchon.

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Roof 1, Substrate Inspection

parapet east side parapet corner SW side internal gutter large scupper through parapet correct fixings @150mm silicone tape over plywood joints

Roof 1, Rubber Membrane Installation

first piece set single piece through parapet gutter and flat view down gutter second sheet installed additonal pieces to parapet through scupper blank

Roof 1, Detailing

detail tape discs to inside corners lower view through scupper membrane flaps dressed up behind weatherboards flaps for cladding on scupper outside of the parapet weatherboards reinstated and part aluminium capping on weatherboards reinstated and part aluminium capping on

Roof 2, Substrate

substrate after several days drying out after rain substrate drying out roof loaded ready to start mid day

Roof 2, Membrane Installation

blank first sheet in place, second sheet glued up second and third sheets in place parapet ready for capping pieces pieces cut and being installed finished roof another scupper outside parapet view over to small porch roof also clad in butynol

Roof 3

blank blank blank third scupper outside parapet view of all 3 roofs another view of roofs 2 and 3

Roofs 4, 5 and 6 (Torchon)

concrete slab roof at rear primed tanking membrane is continued to top of basement wall index nova 2 layer torchon to roof slab index nova 2 layer torchon to roof slab narrow concrete slab roof ledge with plaster coving narrow ledge with index nova 2 layers torched on street side of house, finger points to last roof last roof, concrete slab, index nova 2 layer torched on house street side a year later

Two Dormer Roofs

These small roofs are over large dormer windows on the old part of the house.
plywood substrate opposite view dove grey butynol installed ow view view from above

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