Rubber Repairs

This rubber roof pre-dates the use of seam tape, so likely about 30 years old.
The reason it failed is because of the way the rubber was terminated at the small watercheck on each side. The turn up was only 25mm (1 inch) high tucked under the metal flashing. The rubber should have been dressed right over the timber watercheck, before the flashing was fitted over.
The water had been getting in for a while at the west end corner and eventually during a wind storm the corner of the rubber blew up and off the plywood.
Because of the long term leakage the corner was rotten and we replaced the 12mm plywood and a bit of the watercheck before repairing the rubber.
New seam tape was run along the lower edge after it was re-glued back down to meet with the lower roof and new custom cut timber fillets the full height of the watercheck fitted before a new strip of rubber added to go over the watercheck flashing.
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unit from the front the roof closer view corner lifted soaking wet and some rot corner repaired edge repaired gluing back down the edge close up of edge edge back down metal flashing over watercheck metalflashing new timber fillets paint removed from metal flashing top solvent washed for lap rubber over east end watercheck east end turndown rubber over west end watercheck west end turndown SE turndown front flashing
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