The base layer is Jaydex Novaflex 3mm.
The 4mm Red Mineral cap sheet used (Jaydex Polibit) was specially imported from Italy for this project, as it is not a colour commonly used in New Zealand.
The last photos in the series were taken on Final Inspection for the 20 Year Guarantee when the metal roofing work (by Architectural Roof & Façade Innovations Ltd) was almost completed.
Here are some photos of the work.
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hint of a house in the fields early visit, framing up some roof framing still to go yet on site ready to start up at gutter level H3 plywood substrate internal courtyard view east side, courtyard area west side, courtyard area lake side, start here lake side, primer on lake side, base sheet done  a few weeks later, plywood on the roof north west side length another length on the northern side widest gutter, north side priming again that one is ready to lay north west length with basesheet on north length with basesheet two lengths inside the courtyard with basesheet long section at the back, east side, basesheet starting on the red mineral, courtyard area length of red mineral in the sole being over 1m girth, has to be in 2 pieces plywood tread plate over just laid section 2 pieces to cover full girth reverse end of that length 2 piece complete, west side late afternoon, west courtyard same area, torching the sole piece down that length with the sole in and with the 2nd vertical piece added placing a piece in position, colder weather now woolley hat weather, torching same length finished long length completed, west side lower view of west side, by skylight space view of the courtyard from the roof ridge another low view along a length the lake side finished back (east) side completed low view of back side, looking north low low view, good slope test of the roofing flashing 7 months later red metal cladding and roofing is on front entry the courtyard now up at gutter level, the courtyard along the gutter line, west courtyard low view of the gutter showing metal flashing detail opposite side of courtyard nice match between the torchon and metal
one of the many outlets lake (west) side view lower view showing metal flashing detail reverse view west side lower view near skylight front end

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