NuratechTPE Decks

This contract in New Plymouth was to install a new Nuralite Nuratech TPE (Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer) sheet waterproofing membrane to existing concrete screeded decks/balconies on Levels 2 and 3, after the tiles have been removed and the concrete substrate prepared prior to our attendance.
The work involves application of Low Foaming PU Adhesive to attach the membrane to the concrete, installation of TPE coated metal under flashings (drip edge), TPE coated metal overflashings ( at the doors) and hot air welding of the membrane joints, corners and details.
On completion, new 600x600mm composite Italian Tiles were laid over the membrane on proprietary polypropylene pads (Nurapads)
The Site Management, substrate preparation work and wall cladding remediation was carried out by Street & Cook Construction
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Overview and Preparation Work

the apartment building requiring refurbishment of the deck membrane scaffold and rubbish chute installed, 12 decks to refurbish looking down from the scaffold to the north, L2 has the tiles removed and L3 has been ground clean looking down from the scaffold to the south, L2 has the tiles removed and L3 has been ground clean deck at the northend of L2 having the tile lifted another deck L2 tiles gone ready for grinding off the coating L3, some broken screed L3 more broken screed, was very thin here bottom of the cement sheet wall is cut by the builders L3 south end deck ground off ready to lay new membrane, the saw cuts are from a previous attempt to regrout the tiles closer view of the cleaned substrate

Level 3 (upper level, 6 decks)

TPE coated metal drip edge being glued to the cement screed applying the PU adhesive by notched trowel the first deck has the fleece backed Nuratech TPE membrane to the feild area second deck with the laps welded together, L3 a strip of smooth backed TPE membrane is tack welded over the junction between the TPE metal and feild TPE sheets the edge strip is welded to both materials closeup of the metal/strip weld at the gutter edge next deck area at the north end L3 ready for membrane applying the PU adhesive by notched trowel sheet folded back for 2nd half adhesive application sheet fit is exact, selvedge edge is welded directly to TPE coated metal drip edge tapered TPE coated metal flange fitted to end of deck for overflashing by tilers that area completed incl upstands L3 another deck L3, wet adhesive just been applied same area PU has changed colour, ready to bed in fleece backed TPE membrane more area ready to lay L3 narrow section having PU adhesive trowelled on to substrate L3 more area laid, laps not welded yet another area L3, laid and trimmed at TPE metal edge, ready for edge strip more adhesive down L3 final section L3 to do same area, note lower level has pbeen prepared all done bar the upstands against the walls upstands installed under the windows internal upstand corner L3 under the windows some of the top edges had to be finsihed in MS Detail compound due to the tight fitting metal tray drip edges typical TPE coated metal fitting under the door frames new tiles laid on pads L3 south end tiles against the doorways tiles fitted into a typical corner another corner, cement sheet to bottom of wall to be retrofitted yet another view of finished tiles closer view, note gutter is now hidden

Level 2 (lower level, 6 larger decks)

rolls being lifted to L2 great start, rain! TPE coated metal drip edge being glued to the cement screed L2 first corner L2 south end PU adhesive poured onto screed rady to trowel PU adhesive trowelled out with notched trowel shower of rain, don't panic, tarp it after the rain, carry on making the most of the dry period, two sheets at once one rolled out, one waiting for tack off first area done L2 another shower of rain, tarps out second deck area L2, screed is a bit damp PU adhesive can tolerate some degree of dampness, carry on another 2 rolls at once through under the dividing screens that damp area with PU adhesive on it more showers, one sheet at a time now 2nd area is finally laid, laps to be hot air welded moving over to the north side of the scaffold, some dampness 3 sheets at a time!, beat the next shower? adheive curing off opposite side of the sheets going down closer view of the PU adhesive laid thats it, persistant rain now leave it at that for the day next day, sunshine first 2 sheets to start the day make the most of the fine weather, 5 sheets at a time! closer view of 5 sheets lined up to fit to the interior side last 3 of the 5 sheets other way the 5 sheets laid, waiting to be hot air welded tiles have arrived tricky work under the scaffold feet L2 north end abutment adhesive tacking off north end deck L2 other half of sheet waiting for tack off north end deck feild area completed north end deck feild area completed more edge strip for TPE coated metal drip hot air welding the edge strip edge strip welded down L2 under door TPE coated metal flashings with membrane flap pieces had to be cut to 900mm to be able to slide in through from the end close up of membrane flaps under door aluminium pressure bar to upstand end of L2 aluminium pressure bar to abutment upstands half upstand under windows upstand is finished with MS Detail compound small door flashing in TPE coated metal fitted and held for welding of flaps typical small door, flaps welded and corners installed close up of tricky finish at door corners white TPE coated metal finishe dwit a coating of MS Detail grey to belnd in overview from scaffold north end TPE membrane work finished overview from scaffold south end TPE membrane work finished