PVC membrane collars to new abseiling anchors, central Wellington

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the building south tower, pvc membrane roof 8 absieling  anchors need collars example post, target flange welded to roof membrane collar wrapped around post stainless clip attached at top, finished another finished anchor collar 3 of 8 collars completed view down to centre level, anchors on ridge 8 anchors on this level target flange welded to pvc sheet collar completed close up of completed collar central level 4 of 8 collars completed next day, roof is wet from dew another collar, central level another collar, central level another collar, central level north tower, another 8 collars to do view back down to central level from north tower membrane puckered against post this level completed

Some views from the roof

Bluebridge Cook Strait ferry terminal North West to Parliament area West to commercial area South along Waterloo Quay Parking across the street neighbours torchon roof, newish