TPO Valleys

4 roof valleys and small flat roof, 4 degrees slope, Viking Enviroclad TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane. manufactured by Carlile.

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typical valley gutter,  plywood substrate, 10 metres long TPO coated drip edge installed underneath screw spacing correct at 150mm ready to go, valleys are 4 degrees slope laid in position, ready for adhesive adhesive applied one half, reverse view to previous image centre adhered flaps adhered top end view across roof framing to the north, 3 other valleys builder is installing the plywood to another valley second valley 6.2 metres long top  end, second valley bottom end and drip edge, membrane welded to TPO drip edge bottom end from above second valley completed 3rd and 4th valley run into flat roof area TPO to roof area closer view north valley partially adhered south valley partially adhered looking down from top of north valley both valleys centres adhered flaps let relax overnight, allowing vertical upstand adhesive  to cure completed Y valleys Y valleys and roof lower view closer view of junction junction corners view from top of north valley top end of valley view over roof and Y valleymore photos later