Door Threshold and Repairs

This central city retail/warehouse building was built in 1965, with a Mastic Asphalt roof on the 2nd floor at the rear. At some stage (late 1970-early 1980’s?) an opening was cut through the cafeteria exterior wall to allow access to the roof for use as a deck.
When the door threshold was formed the approach was to cut off the mastic asphalt upstand, leaving the mastic asphalt fillet, and fit a copper metal step over the concrete cavity.
Over time the copper flashing pulled away from the opening and the roof has leaked for years. No maintenace has been undertaken over those years except for a feeble attempt to coat a narrow 500mm wide strip against the wall with bitumen emulsion.
We were asked to build a new mastic asphalt threshold, so that a new door could be fitted.
While there we were also asked to undertake some repairs to splits and blows in the asphalt.
Yes, even after 50 years exposed to the elements and UV the mastic asphalt can still be remelted and repaired.

New Door Threshold

view of the roof on inspection visit poorly detailed cill flashing at door opposite corner of cill flashing builders have removed old door frame old asphalt at fillet has disintegrated into slushy powder fillet cleaned up, new concrete nib poured new nib primed with asphalt primer closeup of nib, tie-in cleaned up first coat of asphalt second coat of asphalt before fillets second coat of asphalt after fillets formed sand rubbed new threshold completed closeup of finished new threshold

General Repairs

typical expansion split prepped for repair applying hot asphalt poultice repair close up of extreme expansion, before repair close up of extreme expansion, after repair close up of extreme expansion valley,  before repair close up of extreme expansion,  after repair multiple blows and splits being repaired same area after repair work impact crack at coved upstand crack repaired done