EPDM Rubber Deck

60mil (1.5mm) Carlile EPDM supplied by Viking Roofspec to new deck. EPDM to have a wooden frame and deck built over, laid on adjustable pedestals.
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20mm plywood substrate installed and primed primer is 50/50 blend of adhesive and solvent sheets are staggered as specified slope changes here, outlet yet to be installed view of the new deck structure from the ground ready to lay, polythene tape installed over the plywood joint gaps reverse view of previous photo double outlet (drain+overflow) installed and lap tape fitted first sheet laid out and first half glued up second half of first sheet glued up shower of rain holds up the job work continues later, window sill dressed to meet E2 of the Building Code same to doorway beside closer view of door sill corner second sheet glued up reverse view of previous photo upstand finished on door sill corner one of two double outlets with EPDM dressed in onto lap tape view over the deck with door back in and temporary sheets on walls same view, but to the right second outlet with EPDM dressed in view towards end of deck where stairs will come up to splayed corner where second and third sheet join at top of slope third sheet done view across completed EPDM work later, the builder has installed the aluminium cladding/siding aluminium cladding/siding to parapet as well a timber deck on adjustable height pedestals is being built over the EPDM a timber deck on adjustable height pedestals is being built over the EPDM closer view of the joists in the pedestals