EPDM re-roof

Re roof of 30 year old Butynol rubber membrane with 1.52mm thick x 3.0 metres wide Carlile EPDM (supplied by Viking Roofspec in NZ branded as Epiclad).
Winter 2016.
To be on the safe side the work done in 3 sections over 3 days, in case there are any substrate issues, and to keep the building rain proof during the work.
Remove cement sheet cladding on inside of parapets and wall under metal roof on upper roof level.
Remove existing butynol rubber membrane from plywood substrate of both levels and dispose.
Inspect substrate for loose fixings or water damage and repair as necessary.
Rescrew plywood with stainless steel screws, punch in old nails and sand the existing plywood to remove sharp splinters and excess old adhesive.
Apply new 25mm silicone joint tape over the plywood sheet joints.
Install 1.52mm black Viking Epiclad EPDM rubber in 90-8-30A adhesive, tuck membrane edges under the existing metal roof flashings, and turn up 200mm at other walls and fix aluminium termination bar bedded in sealant to top edge.
Form new collar around one post and also form a new lap tape join to the old rubber on the narrow roof with the skylights.
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30 year old butynol rubber roof, 2 levels internal gutter at end of lower level, 50mm drain! reverse view of lower level to the north upper level south wall junction view over upper level to the west upper level fascia board and cement sheet cladding on upstand view over upper level to the north junction between narrow skylight roof and main flat roof start on lower level, pulling up old butynol rubber trying to remove in one piece, in case it rains during the work, use as temp cover plastic tape was use over plywood joints ready to sand plywood substrate plywood sanded and one piece of old rubber ready for the landfill closer view of sanded plywood installing new stainless steel screws new silicone tape over plywood joints ready to lay EPDM, note internal gutter has been built out level with main roof 3.0 metre wide sheet of EPDM laid out to relax first half of sheet is folded back and contact adhesive applied 90-8-30A bonding adhesive tacking off first half is laid down in the adhesive and the second half being glued up second half of sheet tacking off forecast was for showers, had 3 short light sprinkles during the day post boot formed from self adhesive detail tape lower half of roof new EPDM installation is complete upper level, fascia and cladding being removed save for a 50mm gap, the framing behind the cladding is almost full height back wall (west side) has cement sheet removed also view into south corner, demolition done temporary covered in for overnight with TPO membrane offcuts next morning, wet from a light shower of rain overnight water is squeeged off, still cold, about 6C popping nail fxings on this section half of upper section old butynol rubber being removed in strips rubber is difficult to pull off in one piece rusty nails along plywood sheet joint nail head rust explosions installing new stainless steel screws sanding this section of plywood plywood joint after sanding plywood closer view of sanded plywood joint, nails are punched in, rust debris is gone and sealer applied damn water pipe EPDM sheet being glued up reverse view of previous photo closer view of adhesive tacking off sheet is laid down and edge solvent wiped for taped overnight seal tape applied for overnight seal double seam taped junction between narrow skylight roof and main flat roof 150mm wide cover tape over junction between old and new detail tape around complicated corner at level change next morning, roof is soaking wet from a heavy dew and runoff from metal roof temporary overnight seal did it's job flap of old rubber past the tape kept water away from joint off with the last section of old rubber, temperature about 6C cut in strips again to make it easier to remove last section with old rubber removed popping nails, not so rusty, but starting to corrode plywood is rescrewed, sanded, joints taped. Note new plywood on upstand under metal roof sheet in position, tucked under flashing and temporary cover over upstand because of threat of rain, time for a lunch break after lunch, scrubbing the seam joint with bonding primer first half of sheet is glued up first half laid down, seam formed and second half glued up hold it here!, downpour of water test of new seam joint! almost got upstand under metal roof done next day, tricky detailing at corner, concrete block overide last part of EPDM sheet up wall glued and tacking off termination bar fixed to north upper level wall upper level south wall with bar on upper level looking north west 5pm lower level with termination bars on completed south corner on upper level view from upper level to south east corner upper level looking north west level change with new EPDM membrane completed lower level, same view as 3rd image