Pakeke Lions Club Playhouse

This year we again are pleased to provide a new roof for the Kapiti Pakeke Lions Club Childrens Playhouse project.
We have been supplying the materials and installing the roof on the playhouse every year since 2010.
Kapiti Pakeke Lions Club members assist a variety of local causes including Birthright, Mary Potter Hospice, Foundation of the Blind, Camp Quality, Emergency Medical Service, Life Flight Helicopter Rescue Service, Kapiti Diabetes, Cancer Society, Life Education Trust and others. In each of the cases listed above the Club has donated funds raised by activities carried out by members.
The Playhouse is built by KPLC members and raffled off at $2.00 a ticket and the money raised goes to whatever charity KPLC are supporting at that time.
The playhouse is specifically designed with dimensions to fit inside the club trailer and is transported around the local Shopping Mall’s to be displayed and to promote the sale of the raffle tickets.

The Playhouse Roof

Before we got involved the playhouse simply had a painted plywood roof
You can see the older versions of the playhouse on the Kapiti Pakeke Lions Club gallery web page
We think the asphalt shingles add a little bit more character to the finished look, and off course the shingles will last 20 years plus.
Asphalt Shingles are normally fixed to a roof substrate with nails, but as the playhouse is so small the roof substrate is also the ceiling inside. So thinking outside the box I install the shingles without nails.
It sounds a bit dodgey, but we haven’t had any complaints that the shingles fall off, so far. And that is after being driven on the trailer up and down the highways at 90km/hr! multiple times.
The method of installation without nails involves sticking them to a SBS self adhesive roof/tanking membrane underlay, that is gently heated with a roofing flame torch to melt the top bitumen surface.
The first couple of years we just used whatever was lying around in our store, left overs or offcuts from contracts, the first playhouse in 2010 had metric measurement shingles on one side and imperial measurement size shingles on the other. There is a difference of 25mm (or 1 inch), which probably only another roofer would notice.
After 2011 we decided to just get a couple of bundles of Certainteed Shingles (made in the USA) each year, as they looked very nice. The flat roof membrane is still sourced from project over runs.

click on an any image below for a larger version, opens in a new tab.

2016 Playhouse

This year Viking Roofspec kindly supplied the Certainteed Asphalt Shingles for free.
2016's palyhouse is a lighter green colour, a bit of drizzle to start off with Selftene Tex again used for the underlay, the plastic peel off skin hanging Nuralite's Nuraply 4PM black mineral used again for the flat roof CT20's used this eyar again, they are the metric size close up view, look, no nails used sticking the shingles on the back view of the ridge before the ridge cap on, note the self adhesive strips on the shingles 2016 playhouse is completed, view from the window end 2016 playhouse is completed, view from the other end

2015 Playhouse

the 2015 playhouse is painted dark green, again Hitchins Selftene Tex used for the underlay the asphalt shingles are back to CT20's back view with the Selftene Tex self adhesive underlay in place starter and first course of shingles on the back the fleece finish melts off with the flame and becomes sticky enabling the shingles to be held in place more shingles stuck on the back is completed and the ridge torched on bill does some paint touchup
See the happy playhouse raffle winners on the Kapiti Pakeke Lions Club web page here. You will see the 2015 playhouse had a wooden door this time.

2014 Playhouse

2014's underlay is Hitchins Index Selftene Tex with a fleece finish back view the flat roof is Nuralite's Nuraply 4PM black mineral this years asphalt shingles are XT30's from Viking Certainteed the XT30 are slightly stiffer and stronger completed 2014 playhouse, end view completed 2014 playhouse, front view fred poses with the 2014 playhouse

2013 Playhouse

2013 playhouse with the Hitchins Index Selftene self adhesive underlay installed same proceedure as 2010, Viking's Certainteed CT20 shingles stuck to the melted underlay mike torching the underlay before setting the shingle in place 2013 playhouse finished, porch side view 2013 playhouse finished, back side view closer view of the porch side roof later, the panels in the porch fence are fitted end view of the 2013 playhouse 2013 playhouse front porch view

2011 Playhouse

2011 playhouse has individual shingles cut from Red Mineral finished Imper Paralon 4mm torchon membrane closer view of the individual shingles being torched to the 2mm thick underlay completed porch side in Red shingles finsihed roof ready to be towed away our cat Gerry thinks the porch roof is great for stretching out our other cat Tom checks that the work is up to standard our cat Tom poses on the playhouse roof the 2011 playhouse being manouvered into the raffle winners property the 2011 playhouse in position at the winners property two happy new playhouse owners
Read more about the delivery of the playhouse to the raffle winners on the Kapiti Pakeke Lions Club web page here

2010 Playhouse

a blank canvas Hitchins Index Selftene SBS self adhesive underlay is adhered to the whole roof Neuchatel's Imper Black Mineral Paralon 4mm thick torchon membrane to the flat roof section the flat porch roof is completed Viking's Certainteed asphalt CT20 3 tab shingles are heat adhered by melting the underlay and setting the shingles into the hot bitumen completed back side of the playhouse completed front porch side of the playhouse roofing work is completed later, the playhouse with red paint highlighting