Joint Repair and New Coating

Repairs to 2 Traffigard system decks after 15+ years service.
Repair consists of rebating ridged plywood sheet junctions and filling with epoxy filler and reinforcing tape,
washing surface with ExPlus degreaser,
sanding the whole surface to provide a key for new coating
priming with Formstick
Application of Traffigard Body Filler coat
Two coats of Hitchins Unishield Waterborne Epoxy Acrylic resin.
Unishield combines epoxy and acrylic polymers to produce coatings with excellent water resistance, good chemical, weather and wear resistance, flexibility and adhesion.

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Deck 1

deck 1 deck 1 reverse view, continues around corner there are 3 areas of tenting/ridging/movement closer view of worst ridge even closer view same ridge, is split open wrinkle off to the side, same issue grinding out the joint at the plywood sheets down to the plywood and created a V another ridge ground out down to the plywood and created a V epoxy filler mixed ready to apply joint is filled with epoxy and reinforcing tape applied over closer view of tape on epoxy filler more filler is applied over tape entire deck is washed with ExPlus degreaser starting to rinse off ExPlus degreaser closer view of ExPlus doing its cleaning action Waterblasted, rinsed and dried then Formstick primer applied around edges Formstick over whole area, goes on white, dries clear Formstick freshly applied to area around corner Traffigard BC and 2 coats of Unishield applied

Deck 2

deck 2 deck 2 reverse view there is one main joint requiring work, here the fibreglass is cut out then the edges ground down new rebate ready for epoxy filler filler has been applied and tape installed in the rebate once hardened the filled joint and the rest of the deck is sanded closeup view of the new joint a new fibreglass/resin bandage is applied over the new joint close up of the new fibreglass bandage the whole deck is coated with Formstick primer freshly applied Formstick primer, white when wet, clear when dry freshly applied Formstick primer, white when wet, clear when dry Traffigard BC being applied over dried Formstic primer first coat of Unishield being applied over dried Traffigard filler coat first of 2 coats of Hitchins Unishield final coat of Unishield freshly applied