Tight Peel&Stick

Viking Peel & Stick Membrane – is a self adhesive sheet membrane manufactured by Carlile USA, consisting of rubberised asphalt laminated to polyethylene. The membrane is 1.5 mm thick and supplied in rolls 0.914 m wide x 20.4 m long. horizontal tanking applications. It is primarily adhered to the outside of a sub-structure of a building (such as a foundation or basement) to prevent water ingress.

This Project
Primer, Peel & Stick membrane, 300mm wide reinforcing strip, aluminium fastening bar with sealant, 30mm polystyrene protection.
Tight access to the external wall, therefore the first 3 layers of blocks were laid and the mortar allowed to cure, so that the peel&stick membrane could be applied by leaning over the block wall. Retrieval of the polythene underfloor DPM was carried out before the next section of wall was laid.
To ensure the existing bank which had been cut back to build this commercial premises did not collapse the builder had to build a timber post and rail retaining wall.
This will remain in place even after the waterproofed concrete block retaining wall is backfilled to ground level.
The perforated drainage pipe is already been set in place under the gravel in the photos.
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the building site, footing and part of floor, note polythene under steel mesh and excess to right hand side view of site, timber retaining wall to hold neighbours driveway during work footing concrete has been poured and 3 block high retaining wall, access to apply membrane is very tight 300mm view along base of wall/footing, note excess polythene from under the footing wall and footing is primed and first sheet of peel&stick applied 700mm high wall and footing is primed and first sheet of peel&stick applied 700mm high peel&stick applied 700mm high all the way along 15 metres polythene from under the floor and wall membrane coated with bitumen adhesive polythene from under the floor lifted and stuck to the peel&stick membrane on the wall looking tidier now cover strip over polythene is also reinforcing strip at footing/block junction lower level completed view along bottom of wall at footing level second lift blocks primed first 2 sheets applied height of tanking follows ground level on the right more pieces on and ready to go on view of the block wall on the inside strip to be added at part of top to match ground level holes drilled and plastic plugs for fixing aluminium termination bar one bar on next bar about to be fitted, bitumen sealant on plugs more holes drilled and plugs fitted bar fitted all along the top of the tanking closeup of the bar and the bitumen sealant filler same around the north corner another view of the north corner view back along tanking to the south 30mm polystyrene board protection ready to be fitted waterbased adhesive used to hold in place further down the trencjh, polystyrene boards all boards on place, braced until adhesive cures all boards on place, braced until adhesive cures view from south end, note bevel to help shed rain north corner protection fitted