TPO Valley/Roof

Viking Enviroclad (manufactured by Carlile) Grey 1.5mm TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membrane to large Valley/Roof between two pitched metal roofs, new construction Waikanae
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large plywood valley between two pitched roofs, looking east same valley/roof looking west, 3.2m wide girth internal gutter and dropper at west end internal gutter lined with TPO sheet first main sheet on westend, 3m wide by 9m long first side glued and other side folded back reverse view down slope fold edge is cut in with a brush second sheet for east end ready to be laid out in position sheet rolled out and allowed to relax west side left half glued and right half folded back for gluing the feild areas of both sides are glued down the east end gutter detailing done anotherview of the east end internal gutter cuts and folds at the west side internal gutter south end pieces added and welded to complete the complicated angle changes opposite end of same gutter the edges or wings are glued and folded onto the battens each side, view to the west opposite view, to the east view along valley/roof to the east another view of the east end internal gutter, lots of corners view up along valley/roof to the east TPO finished the metal roof has been installed, view to the west west end gutter and metal roof junction view up along valley/roof to the east with the metal roof on the pitched sections slight change to detail outside the east end internal gutter for the metal roofing