The Index range of waterproofing bituminous sheet membranes, for a wide variety of roofing and tanking situations.


Index Perfobase

A 80gram/m2 perforated glass fibre reinforced matt impregnated with a special polymer modified bitumen which is compatible with both APP and SBS torchon membranes.
Both sides of the membrane are protected by a sacrificial polyethylene film which is heat melted. The perforations, each 40mm diameter are distributed evenly throughout the membrane, with 119 holes m2. Used for spot bonding of the main waterproofing membrane.

Index RollBase

index rollbase A non woven polyester fleece backed and fibreglass reinforced modified bituminous membrane normally installed as a base layer in a multi layer Index torchon system. Designed for application to heat and flame sensitive substrates such as T&G sarking or thermal insulation, as a base layer on rough or uneven surfaces, or over sound existing membranes such as rubber, PVC, bitumen, acrylic and polyurethane. It can be loose laid, mechanically fastened, adhered with adhesives or laid in hot melt bitumen using the pour and roll method.

Index Fidia Biarmato 3P

A 3mm thick, combined reinforced (polyester and fibreglass) APP modified bituminous torchon membrane. It is used as a single layer membrane for horizontal and vertical applications and may be also used in multilayer membrane systems as a base sheet or as a plain finished cap sheet. Excellent dimensional strength and very resistant to installation foot traffic in hot temperatures.

Index Nova

index nova A 4mm thick composite reinforced (non woven polyester and fibreglass) APP modified bituminous torchon membrane with either a Talc finish or Grey Mineral Slate finish. Designed as a cap layer in exposed membrane systems, Nova’s mechanical resistance and adaptability make the membrane suitable for demanding works such as flat or sloping roofs, timber roof decks, under pavers or tiles on terraces and also for below ground tanking work.
Nova Talc finished membrane may be finished with an Aluminium reflective coating or a protective acrylic water based paint where required.

Index Defend H

index defend H, click image for largerA 4mm thick non woven polyester reinforced modified bituminous torchon membrane with Phenoxi Fatty Acid Ester root inhibitors within the polymer bitumen mix to prevent damage from plant roots. Index Defend H is designed for waterproofing rooftop garden landscapes, planter box areas and general below ground tanking situations and can be used in single or multilayer systems.
The anti root additive does not migrate nor is it washed out by water. It is resistant to the heat produced whilst torch flame bonding.
Defend H is manufactured from distilled bitumen which has been modified by the addition of atactic polyproplylene and elastomers. This gives the membrane very high resistance to ageing and excellent flexibility at low temperatures.
Depending on the construction type, Defend H can be fully bonded to the substrate, spot bonded or loose laid

Testudo 25

A heavy duty 4 mm thick 250gram/m2 non woven spunbond polyester reinforced SBS modified bituminous torchon membrane.

Testudo 16

index testudo16, click image for largerA lighter duty 3 mm thick 160gram/m2 non woven spunbond polyester reinforced SBS modified bituminous torchon membrane.
both bituminous torchon membranes designed for waterproofing foundations, carpark roofs, waterworks, bridges, viaducts, tunnels, subways.

Index Elastocene Texflamina

A 3mm thick composite reinforced (polyester and fibreglass) elastoplastomeric modified bituminous torchon membrane. Used in single or multilayer systems as a roofing, gutter lining or as a deck waterproofing membrane under tiles.
The Texflamina surface provides for strong bonding of UV resistant paint finishes or cement or acrylic based tile adhesives.
Elastocene contains a special mix of distilled bitumen, elastomers and polyolefins co polymers which are flexible in cold temperatures and heat resistant which remains elastic over time.
Elastocene is from 2-3 times more stable in hot conditions than membranes reinforced with normal non woven polyester fabric.

Index Selftene

index selfteneThe membranes of the Selftene series are thick, self-adhesive, reinforced membranes that can be applied with pressure at ambient temperature. To be bonded they don’t need any other materials or need to be torched on, at temperatures below 10°C they can heated slightly on the underside to help the self-adhesion using hot air or a “light” torching action.
The MINERAL self-protected type is designed to be left visible, while BASE/P versions should be used for applications that aren’t exposed to the light, as a base layer under other membranes or as a cap sheet when protected with a UV coating.

Index Veriflex Supertack

index supertack A 3mm thick composite reinforced (polyester and fibreglass) SBS elastoplastomeric modified bituminous torchon membrane. Used in single or multilayer systems as a roofing, tanking or gutter lining membrane.
Supertack has appox. 3 times the adhesicve strength of other SBS membranes.
Supertack can be applied faster to vertical walls when used as a tanking membrane using less flame.
Supertack when used as a fully adhered base sheet for roofing provides superior resistance to wind uplift.

Index Membranes are marketed in NZ by Hitchins NZ Ltd

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