Nuratech installationNuratech roofing systems use the very latest in advanced polymer technology to provide the flat roofing system of the future – today. Incorporating a range of high performance waterproofing membranes with complementary accessories made from the same TPE polymers, these “next generation” TPE systems combine the best performance characteristics of thermo-plastics (e.g. PVC) and elastomerics (e.g. EPDM). This ensures optimum results both during installation and in performance.

Nuratech Waterproofing Membranes

adhesive installation by trowelNuratech waterproof membranes can be mechanically fastened, adhered or loose laid and ballasted. The membrane can be installed over most substructures, including plywood, concrete, Enertherm Insulation and existing Nuraply membrane roofs. They are durable, environmentally friendly and offer flame-free application as membrane laps are welded using hot air. The system is installed as a single layer using 2m wide sheets. This width is optimal as the rolls are manageable on site, waste is minimized and the installation can be completed very quickly.

Fast Installation

Nuratech adhesive can be applied by rollerNuratech roofing sheets are thermally welded using hot air – meaning there are no naked flames on the building site. The membrane has a very broad “thermal welding range” of between 280° and 600°. This is far more forgiving than some single-ply alternatives which have as little as a 20° welding range. The result is a fast installation (up to 4m per minute) with a high degree of certainty and excellent quality of the weld, one which is stronger than the actual roofing sheet itself.

Membrane Sheets

The membrane sheets do not absorb moisture and are only affected by dirt-pickup to a very small degree. This means that it remains possible to make repairs or add further details if required in the future. Minor mechanical damage can be repaired by reheating the polymers without the need to resort to an unsightly patch. The installed roof is easy to clean with solutions of soft soap, using a soft broom or rubber wiper.

Nuratech TPE is environmentally friendly and recyclable

Nuratech TPE roofing sheets are particularly environmentally friendly. Nuratech roofing sheets are free of halogens (Chlorine, Fluorine, Bromine and Iodine), softeners, (H)CFCs and heavy metals. TPE polymer is homogeneous and pure, so that if mechanically fastened, recycling as a durable raw material in new primary end products is possible at the end of its long lifespan.

Nuratech roofing systems do not leach and can therefore be installed on roofs used for the collection of potable rainwater.

Nuratech 20 year Warranty

Nuralite warrants Nuratech against product defects for 20 years from the date of install. The warranty must be applied for at the completion of the job. For this extended warranty to remain current the customer must maintain the roof and have it inspected every five years by a qualified applicator. The workmanship is covered by a separate workmanship warranty issued by the applicator.

Nuratech TPE Technical Information

Description – Nuratech

Nuratech SG – Adhesive bonded
Nuratech SM – Mechanically attached
Nuratech SD – Detailing membrane
A polyester scrim reinforced Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE) membrane for application onto both flat and sloping roofs. The membrane can be installed over most substructures, including plywood, concrete, Enertherm Insulation and existing Nuraply membrane roofs.

Composition and Finishing

completed Nuratech roof deckThe same TPE compound is used on the both upper and lower side, and fully encapsulates the polyester reinforcement ensuring optimum weld quality and excellent mechanical properties. Nuratech TPE is only available in light grey.
Reinforcement: Polyester knitted fabric.
Coating mass: Thermoplastic Elastomeric (TPE).

Dimensions and Weights

Thickness: 1.2mm
Roll width: 2.05m
Roll length: 20m
Roll coverage: 41m2
Roll weight: 32kg

Typical Performance

Weight: DIN EN 2286 1300 g/m2
Tensile strength: DIN EN 12311-2 1439 (L) 1286 (T) N/50mm
Elongation at break: DIN EN 12311-2 592 (L) % 565 (T) %
Tear strength: DIN EN 12310-2 194 (L) N 174 (T) N
Peel strength: DIN EN 12316-2 639 (heat aged) N/50mm
Low temperature flexibility: DIN EN 495-5oC <-35
Dimensional stability: DIN EN 1107-2 <0.5%
Water vapour diffusion: DIN 1931 μ-value ca . 100,000
Fire rating: BS476-3 1958 Achieves up to EXT. F.AA
Solar Reflective Value: Pure White 77%


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BBA Agrément Certificate No. 05/4203 BBA.pdf
Euro Agrément Procedure No. 007/04/E
UBAtc ATG 04/2603)
The Nuratech TPE membrane has been Appraised to meet the New Zealand Building Code. BEAL Appraisal.pdf
Independent tests have been performed to demonstrate compliance with AS/NZS 4020:2005 Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water. ASNZS4020 Test Report.pdf

Things to Consider when using Nuratech TPE


The substrate provides the foundation for a successful system. The two most common substrate problems are movement and ponding.
To alleviate these ensure when plywood is being used that:
The treated plywood substrate is at least 17.5mm thick, 20mm on decks, supported at 400mm x 400mm.The plywood must be tightly butted and staggered or brick pattern laid. Stainless steel fixings and glue bonding of the plywood must be used.


Falls are as much as possible. In accordance with E2/ AS1 we recommend a minimum of 1:40 for roofs, 1:60 for decks and 1:100 in gutters. Pay attention to detailing around scuppers as they often are a source of ponding.


Nuratech membrane is compatible with Enertherm PIR foam to produce the Nuratherm system. If installing a cold roof instead, ventilation is very important to keep the ceiling space cooler, as well as removing condensation buildup. A vent every 20m2 is recommended but attention must be paid to placement relative to rafters to allow for cross flow. Soffit vents can also be useful addition to a flat roof design.

Potable Water

The membrane is suitable for collecting potable water but if drinking water is being collected a first flush diverted should be installed to reject possible stagnant or contaminated water.

Mechanical Fixing

In areas expected to experience high wind pressures the IKOFix mechanical fastening systems has been specifically designed for the Nuratech SM sheet range. It includes corrosion resistant screws and washer plates, flat bars for clamping frames, and is applicable to any substrate suitable for mechanical attachment. The combination of IKOFix mechanical fastening system with the exceptional mechanical properties of Nuratech SM roofing sheets results in a particularly high capacity to absorb forces and divert them to the substructure.

Nuratech TPE is manufactured in the UK by IKO (Spectraplan), imported and distributed in New Zealand by Nuralite Waterproofing Systems, Auckland