Torchon Overlay


Prime existing roof surface with bitumen primer and allow to dry. Repair small areas with a rough gravel surface with 3mm base sheet.
Torch apply to primed surface one layer of 4mm thick Viking Gemini APP modified Grey granule surfaced membrane, forming to shape of gutters and dress over the outside fascia 100mm.
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front of the house original builtup asphalt roof over coated with emulsion some ponding on east side drying out some damp patches dry and ready to prime roof membrane split along chimney upstand closeup view of texture of mesh and emulsion overlay a small section showing original gravel surface under mesh overlay another section showing original gravel surface under mesh overlay top of edge nib and other vertical edges primed start of the priming with bitumen primer view across roof to the north when primed view along front internal gutter when primed view along north sloping edge when primed view across roof to the south west when primed arrival on site months later to install torchon membrane internal gutters and outside turndown are done first sloping north edge done in short pieces to ensure shape retained west facing gutter with mineral torchon areas showing gravel have an underlay patch installed first the chimney upstand cleaned up another view of chimney before repair underlay repair to reinforce over split in old membranes main sheets of new torchon being applied another view progress across the roof reverse view done up to wide gutter area view along sloped north edge on completion another view across the roof towards the south west the edge is sealed down onto the old membrane overnight part of the internal that was badly damaged cleaned up and underlay layer torched on the mineral cap layer applied to the gutter next part going down ready for last strip completed to chimney end closer view of completed chimney upstands view of completed along south end to southwest view of completed roof to southwest pipe penetrations flashed view to south east completed gutter/roof area


Remove existing metal roof. Layer of new Heavy Weight Bituminious Paper Underlay.
0.55mm Steel & Tube Roofing Trimline Trapizoid profile Titania Coloursteel Endura sheet metal roofing fixed matching colour Timbertite screw fixings. Matching side barge and top end apron flashing, then install new piece of roof membrane down over from main roof to seal.
top edge apron area is a bit of a patch up job the whole of the metal roof has been coated with emulsion and mesh and painted off with the old metal more roof off the timber and the wire mesh are all good bitumen paper underlay is removed and disposed new HD bitumen paper and first sheet of Titania coloursteel more sheets down all sheets on apron flashing with flexible edge installed, top edge primed with bitumen a few weeks later, the junction to the main roof to be installed underlay pieces go between apron flashing and main roof fascia the mineral chips are heated and scraped off on the edge nib of the main roof new mineral strips are added between the two roofs completed junction between the two roofs completed junction between the two roofs completed metal roof